“My first act – business – got me here,” Nancy says. “My first love – fashion – is what this second act in my life is all about.”

The Tseneh Story

The Tseneh story is unusual. It is compelling. And it is unforgettable. It is the story of one woman’s 30-year quest for meaning in her life and the journey we all share pursuing our dreams.

Tseneh jewelry delivers a cost-conscious alternative to precious metals—offering the look and weight without the high cost. Tseneh’s jewelry is proudly crafted from Sterling Silver, Stainless Steel, and Stainless Steel/Bronze. Each piece is solid (never plated) and hypoallergenic. And because our designs are timeless, they can easily be integrated with your existing collection of precious metal pieces.

The Tseneh Fear to Freedom  jewelry collection. is inspired by the process of discovering new possibilities - following your dreams and arriving at a more authentic and fulfilling life. Essential pieces from the debut collection can be incorporated with the newest collection pieces over time. No two collections will be the same but will be designed with the artist’s strong vision which shines through in every piece she creates.